Breaking Festival
Zurich, Switzerland

9–12th September 2021
  • Concert

    • Location: Rote Fabrik

      11th September Clubraum / Rote Fabrik

      9:30 pm Doron Lev (USA)
      10:30 pm Yugen Blackrok (FR)
      11:30 pm Party

      This year we have a special treat for you! After the battles and theatre performances on Saturday, multi-talented New Yorker Doron Lev and rap sensation Yugen Blackrok will set the mics on fire! This concert is full of highlights, live music and dope lyrics for all hip hop heads.

      Doron Lev
      9:30 pm - 10:30 pm Clubraum / Rote Fabrik

      Doron Lev is a Hip Hop artist, Emcee, & Percussionist from MIA/NYC. Performing with his live band of stellar musicians, this uniquebramd of Hip Hop music fuses with the sounds of World beat, Funk, Soul and Jazz. Doron's spitfire lyricism and uncanny stage presence as an Emcee and Drummer are on full display as he fronts the band from behind the drums. Doron and his collective of musical marksmen deliver a high octane Hip Hop performance experience that is not to be missed!

      More about Doron Lev: / Instagram / Facebook

      Yugen Blackrok
      10:30 pm - 11:30 am Clubraum / Rote Fabrik

      Nocturnal beats, hard and majestic, like a lucid dream set simultaneously in New York circa 1995 and in the sanctuaries of the far future. Nerdy riddling tapestry of science fiction and mystery cult, comics, stargazing, and globe-trotting paganism. Astro-goth hip-hop, astral travel through eons of myth, utopia, secret lore, dystopia. Rapper Yugen Blakrok from South Africa traverses unmanageable landscapes like a wandering warrior monk. Her flow is rugged, rough, steady and exact, as if forged to perfection over years from unruly material.

      Admission: 29.- (excluding Battles and Short Pieces)
      Ticket Presale Concert: Rote Fabrik

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