Breaking Festival
Zurich, Switzerland

12–15th September 2019
  • Factory Jam / Züri Zoo Zypher

    • Location: Courtyard Rote Fabrik

      Factory Jam
      12th September / 11:00 am – 8:00 pm / Courtyard Rote Fabrik

      Sunday is dedicated to the Hip Hop motto: Peace, Love, Unity and having Fun! In the inner courtyard, hip hop culture will be celebrated with music, graffiti, dancing and rap from 11 am. The visitors can watch the graffiti writers how such a work of art is created, enjoy the music and exchange with each other and eat at the food stand. If the weather is very hot, the lake is not far away to cool down.

      Züri Zoo Zypher
      12th September / 5:00 pm / Courtyard Rote Fabrik

      After the battles, the Cyphers at Breakthrough will be opened for the first time for the emcees and the Züri Zoo Zypher with guest host Doron Lev from New York will really heat up at the end. Vocabulary, spontaneity, ryhmes and freestyle skills are in demand here.

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